Haberdashery SuppliesThere are many supplies that a haberdasher sells. Some of those supplies include sewing supplies, buttons, zippers, ribbons, needles, different fabrics, as well as lace.

Regent Home of Sewing has been in business for over 30 years. This shop is located in East London and specializes in all types of sewing supplies. They specialize in many items such as sewing machines, needles, fabrics, patterns, and other haberdashery. This shop is in the business of selling sewing machines as well as repairing them. They also sell industrial sewing machines as well. Regent Home of Sewing also sells any type of fabric a consumer could think of; anything from costume fabric, to special occasion fabric and bridal wear. This is a one stop shop for all haberdashery needs. They sell dress forms, zippers, lace trimmings, scissors and many other supplies as well.

There are many haberdashers in London that specialize in buttons. The Button Box, The Button Queen, DM Buttons and Buttonholes, Jason’s Buttons, and The Button Lady. The Button Lady specializes in many types of buttons including art deco, bimini, enamel, glass, metal, and the elaborate mother of pearl buttons.

Knit and Sew is one of the largest suppliers of ribbons and yarn in the UK. This shop specializes in almost any type of ribbon a consumer may want. They have ribbons such as satin, geometric, wire, metallic, printed, and special occasion. This shop also specializes in yarns and patterns. If shoppers are looking for crafts this shop has supplies for rug making, craft kits for children, as well as the beloved sequin.

Haberdashery supplies can be found widely all over London.