HaberdasheryA haberdashery is a shop that sells the items of a haberdasher. Haberdashers sell such items as buttons, ribbons, zippers and items for sewing. In the past haberdasher used to mean a person who sells hats or caps otherwise known as a hatter. Haberdasher comes from the Icelandic origin meaning peddler or someone who sells haberdashery supplies such as zippers, buttons, needles, or other goods.

In the past some haberdashers were known as drapers. Drapers specialized in selling cloths or dry goods. Haberdashery also incorporates people called milliners. Milliners are people who sell clothing to men, women, and children. Millinery is also the design of clothing as well as the sale of it. Milliners primarily would take old clothing and sew it into new clothing. Milliners were primarily women. Other goods sold at a Millinery are hats, shirts, and cloaks. Today milliners are commonly known as hatters and mostly make or sell women’s hats. One style of millinery is known as a fascinator. Facinators are headbands that were originally made out of lace or wool. Today fascinators mean a head decoration worn by women and are sewn together and made out of supplies such as feathers, beads, pearls, and crystals. Fascinators can especially be seen in weddings for the bridal party or for the bride herself