LondonHaberdashery can be seen all over London, especially when it comes to men’s fashions. One street that haberdashery can be found is Jermyn Street. Jermyn street is where Bates the Hatter can be found. This shop is a family run business where all types of hats can be found. Consumers can find anything from a bowler hat to a top hat in this shop.

There are a few other famous shops in London that specialize in men’s fashion. One store is called Beale & Inman. This shop is known for its old-world glamour and was visited by Charles Dickens. Well known celebrities such as Pierce Brosnan still visit this men’s clothier today. There is also a tailor that is well known around London. Gieves & Hawkes was the original tailor to the Royal Navy. Gieves & Hawks is a traditional tailor that uses today’s designers. This tailor has clothed royalty such as the Duke of Wellington.

Another store to look for when looking for a haberdashery in London is the Button Box. This clothier is located on Bedford Street. Essentially this store got its name from something that people always have around, buttons. Button boxes were created later to hold peoples buttons which is a reminder of this clothier. The Button Queen is one of the largest shops to buy modern as well as antique buttons. The Button Queen has many different styles of covered buttons including domed, half ball, high ball, and sew through. This shop also sells many styles of antique buttons ranging from Bimini Glass, 19th Century picture buttons, and enamels. They also sell men’s clothing.

Kleins is a large Haberdasher located in London’s Soho. This haberdasher specializes in everything that a consumer could think of. Klein’s has sewing equipment, corsets, zippers, fabrics and dyes, as well as eyelets and much more. Kleins has been in business since 1936.